Wednesday, July 6, 2016

HAARP, The Secret US Gov Mind Control, Weather Control, Experiment, Video, Alien & UFO News.

Exactly what is the US Government doing with the baffling HAARP program?...and why is there such a great amount of mystery behind it? 

In 1993, an intense Republican US Senator pushed through the endorsement to have a fourth of a billion dollars reserved for the development of HAARP, a top mystery and dubious military examination office in a remote corner of Alaska. HAARP remains for High-recurrence Active Auroral Rsearch Program. 

HAARP was formally intended to examine the Northern Lights and the environment's consequences for radio transmissions, however even supporters of the system concur that a fourth of a billion dollars appeared like a great deal of cash for the US Military to devote to such research. 

Some exceptionally trustworthy scheme scholars trust the shut entryway, no entrance office is leading significantly more risky trials. 

One of the speculations upheld by noticeable US legislators like previous Governor Jesse Ventura and group of individuals from Congress like Nick Begich Jr., is that HAARP is occupied with long range mind control tests utilizing high and low range recurrence transmissions. 

Others, similar to the European Union Paliament Committee of Foreign Affairs, expect that their testing might disturb the ionosphere casuing harm to the earth, and may even represent a danger to turning around the Earth's attractive posts. 

A few, as Venezulan President Hugo Chavez, go above and beyond and blame HAARP for controlling great climate and tectonic occasions to weaponize volcanoes, tremors and tidal waves. 

At that point, all of a sudden, in May of 2014 the military declared that they would be quickly finishing the HAARP program and disassembling the gear to keep any further research. 

Why might the administration sink such a great amount of cash into considering the ionosphere? Why might such a variety of conspicuous government officials trust HAARP was an option that is other than it was?....and why did the US abruptly say they were stopping the system simply a year ago? 

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